So I tried to apply the JavaScript skills that I learned to the Django site and I found it was hard to pass the data from the database to the Javascript and manipulate the data the way that I wanted.  This was a bit discouraging and then work got busy and I took a step away from completing my planned projects.

During my regular job I was running to several case in which I was learning Mongodb and so when I got back in to my project I decided that I would focus on a new course.
Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2024

This is done by Jonas Schmedtmann who is the same instructor that did the JavaScript course that I finished and so far (beside the refreshers that I need) the course has worked well with that last course.

I have completed about 10 hours of the 40 hours.  I am planning to start the development of my project while going through this course.  Time will tell but I am excited to get back into the programming side with a less restrictive platform before I move into my next course with will be React.