I am now 70% of the way complete for my JavaScript course.

The thought came to me last night about am I focusing to much on training and not enough on doing?  Of course I am going to finish the course but should I be focusing on my projects as much as my training?

Doing a quick search I found the following:
In general, it is recommended to use both approaches when learning programming. Completing a course can help you build a strong foundation, while working on a project can help you apply the concepts you have learned in a practical way. This can help you become a better programmer and improve your skills over time.



Nothing like a good vague statement 🙄 to help out.  I think that I will continue on building my foundation and then move to a balanced approach of design and learning.  I already have a new course picked out that I want to start learning next but I don’t want to fall into the trap of always perfecting but never completing.

To ensure this, if I am not finished with this course in two weeks I will schedule to a 50/50 plan of project and learning.