As my journey to build my project continues and taking me down the road of learning Django and Javascript it continues to show and support my knowledge of “The one thing I do know is there is a lot that I don’t know”.  Not that I need a reminder as if I ever get to the point of think that I know everything or I know enough, that is the day that I think that I will be read to head for the long sleep.

I made good progress in completing the “The Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert!“:

  • Section 3: JavaScript Fundamentals – Part 2
    • Lots of array and loops overview
  • Section 4: How to Navigate This Course
    • This was nice from the stand-point that there different routes that the instructor gives.  I am trying to learn everything so I will complete it all but there were paths if you just wanted to focus on how JavaScript works, just code, etc…
  • Section 5: Developer Skills & Editor Setup
    • Wow there is a rabbit hole of plugins for Visual Code

I am now current 20% into my JavaScript course and the is a lot to remember and there are a ton of different way to make something work. So the foundation is being laid but the next steps are to review html/CSS with is just a recap as I have a foundation of these already.  With focus I will get through the following sections today:

  • Section 6: HTML & CSS Crash Course
  • Section 7: JavaScript in the Browser: DOM and Events Fundamentals
    • I had do some learning already on this due to my Youtube form tutorial in which I learned how DOM (Document Object Model) works to follow a path to find a typo..
  • Section 8: How Java Script Works Behind the Scenes
    • I don’t think that I will get through all of this section but at least get a good amount completed.