So I am on vacation and while most people go out and see new sites or at least get out of the house, I am working on getting through as much as the CCNA training that I can before going back to the day job, so without further ado…

13. The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology – Who knew that I was doing this without knowing the Cisco Methodology

Something fun to know, if you need end a traceroute in Cisco Packet Tracer is the command ctrl+Shift+6, I found this in the lab but when it was being demoed I kind of fix it before the getting to the lab or even through the lab demo.

14. Cisco Router and Switch Basics – Lots of talk of the setup wizard, “Shutdown”, “No shutdown”, full and half-duplex troubleshooting.  As well as CDP and LLDP.

15. Cisco Device Management – Boot up, Factory Reset, backup, and upgrades.

16. Routing Fundamentals – Lots of routes and how to set them along with a lot of labs to watch.

17. Dynamic Routing Protocols – The section that I really start learning/reviewing items that I haven’t used before.  I was somewhat familiar with RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF, but not IS-IS, loopbacks, or passive interfaces.

Looking at the schedule that came with the course, I didn’t quite finish week 2 on day two as I still need to complete the lab for section 17 and do all of 18 and 19 with their labs.  Will I be ready to take the test on Friday before I head back to work a week from tomorrow?