So I have decided that I am going to move toward getting my next piece of paper (certification) and take a back seat to applying for positions.  Maybe something will come out of the ones that I have already applied for but as this is all items that I know and I just need to focus on how Cisco wants the answered so that I can ensure my future employers can confirm I know CCNA subject matter,  time to focus on CCNA.



Lab 19 – IGP Interior Gateway Protocol Fundamentals Configuration

  • Configure RIP on all routers
    • (config)#route rip
    • (config-router)#no auto
    • (config-router)#network
  • Verify routes
    • (config-router)#do show ip route
  • Add Internet route to RIP on router R4 and make interface f1/1 passive to make sure rip info is not passed.
    • (config-router)#passive-interface f1/1
    • (config-router)#network
  • Add default route on R4 using
    • (config)#ip route
  • Distribute default route over rip
    • (config)#route rip
    • (config-router)#default-information originate
      • So the first time I did it will out looking at the answer I put in “network” before the originate command.  When I verified the routes on the other routers the did not appear until I added “network”, but decided it was best to reset the entire RIP routing with a “no route rip” to clear everything out.