So it has been sometime since my last post as since then I have started a new job, moved 1200 miles and all around just have been trying to get settled back in to a steady pattern where I can consistently learn.

There are two areas that I have been and wanting to focus on. 

  1. Palo Alto Firewalls – This is related to the new job and boy is there a lot of information to ingest and it is extra challenging doing it remotely with everyone else being so busy.  There are days that I feel like I am making great progress and then other days it is almost overwhelming.
    1. Side Projects
      1. Aligning the Life-of-a-Pakcet and Life-of-a-Session process with device hardware.
      2. GlobalProtect analysis script
  2. Python Development – I have not decided where I want to talk this at this point so right now I have two learning project that I am looking to focus on.
    1. Migrate the site that I built with my son-in-law for my wife ( from a Larvel framework to a Django framework.  
      1. The database calls are taking to long
        1. When the site was first built I did not understand how Lavel created its own Database structure
        2. I found it a bit confusing to get customer database info pulled from the database that I had already built
    2. Finish the python Hardware course that I had started previously with my raspberry pi in which I have sever post.

It will be fun to get back to focused learning and continue growth.