I have an idea!!  That is where it started.  My journey into Django and while talking to others, Django might not be the best framework the fight against perfection is taking the next step.  I have some background in python so Django made the most sense to me.  With that being said I was talking to someone at church yesterday and we were talking about Django and he stated “It was to complicated for me at the time I tried to learn it…”.

That is where I started to think about my personal Django journey and how I learn things personally.  Example, I have a Master Flowchart at work that focuses on supporting Palo Alto Products.  I started it to make sure that I understand the products that I support and since there are so many I will often take a case for a product that I don’t know very well and it will be 6 months before I see another case with that product… So the flowchart was born to help me personally.  Then I started to share it and people stated how much it has help them.

Why not a Django flowchart to help me clarify the things that I am doing and if it helps someone else that would be great also.  Will I repeat stuff that is on the djangoproject.com?  Absolutely… but maybe my journey will help other take the next step.

So that is where this Django journey begins, if you are reading this recent there will be hardly anything on it but one day at a time… Django Flow